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Our Technology Center is proud to have a group of experienced design engineers who participate in many R&D projects. We have developed many patented solutions, which were successfully implemented in the industry.


We utilize the most advanced CAD/ CAM / CAE software helping us to reduce cost and time of implementation.

We operate the following engineering software systems:


  • .AutoCAD
  • .AutoCAD Mechanical
  • .I-deas
  • .PowerSHAPE
  • .Siemens NX

- 3D modelling and assembly of machines, molds and tooling,
- 2D documentation,
- thermal and stress / strain analysis of designed products,
- kinematic and dynamic simulation of machines.


  • .Delcam PowerMILL
  • .Edgecam

- generation of tool path files for five and three axis milling machines.


  • .Ansys Polyflow

- polimer flow optimization in extrusion head channels,
- optimization of die shape for optimal shape of extruded profile,
- selection of thickness and temperature distribution of plastic foil (plate) for thermoforming proces for optimization of thickness of thermoformed products,
- calculation of material distribution in preforms for optimization of wall thickness distribution of blown products.